February 2018
Cattle Indications - Cows grazing on green farm
Boehringer Ingelheim announces the launch of DORACARE® INJECTION containing 10 mg/mL doramectin and is effective in killing internal and external parasites of cattle and pigs that can cause disease and limit production potential. Cattle Indications When used as directed, DORACARE® INJECTION treats and controls doramectin sensitive strains of the following parasites: Adult and immature gastrointestinal...
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Gallagaher 005HR fencing solar panels
Knowing they can run bulls and cycling heifers or cows side by side if they need to, is good peace of mind for Hamish and Hayley Thompson — as is not having had to fix a short in four years. The couple runs “Belang”, 12km south of Coolah, NSW on the Black Stump Way, with...
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Pre-feedlot vaccination - cattle in Queensland by water
Now there’s 14-180 days between doses allowing vaccination at weaning. Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) causes between 50% and 90%1 of sickness and death in Australian feedlots, and it’s estimated to cost the Beef Industry $60 million annually2. BRD is a complex disease involving many contributing factors that, if combined, compromise the respiratory defences of affected...
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Australian Live Cattle Exports to China Graph
According to the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC) it was agreed last November that China would cut the 10% tariff on live feeder and slaughter sheep and cattle imports by January 2019. Is this a big deal, or not? Breeding cattle dominate the Australian live export trade with China. In 2016, Australia had its second biggest...
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Dr Matthew Ball of with two cows
Many people may be shocked to find out that vaccines are not 100% effective 100% of the time. In a field study1, in which Virbac co-operated with the DPI, it was discovered that almost one third of cattle vaccinated weren’t actually protected from the disease. “It’s a little shocking, but not entirely unexpected,” said Dr...
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van Ras farm cows drinking water
Richard van Ras and his son Johan, milk around 220 cows on their 77-hectare family farm in Morrinsville, in New Zealand’s Waikato region. This is their eighth season and, until now, the farm’s water quality hasn’t been up to scratch with high levels of iron and manganese which, although common in the area, can be...
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