June 2018
Chart of US Cattle Cycle vs US and QLD Cattle Price
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released its updated long-term projections for key agricultural markets which contained some adjustment to forecast herd growth, production and cattle price forecasts. This article takes a look at what these revisions mean for cattle prices and spread relationships between the US and Australia in the coming years....
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Australian black Cows in a pen
Olsson’s KEG 10 is a breakthrough in supplementing rumen biology. The supplement is made from a majority of Fermented Base Material (FBM) as opposed to molasses. By maximising rumen efficiency through several actions, KEG 10 allows the animal to achieve maximum natural feed conversion. Improving microbial flora with the addition of prebiotics and probiotics, enzymes,...
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The basis of any vaccination program is to provide long lasting protection against disease. Disease challenges can happen throughout the life of an animal. Vaccines rely on the animal’s own immune system to provide that protection. They do this by stimulating the immune system to produce an antibody response to a specific “foreign invader” such...
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Weaner Cows in Paddock
Veterinarians and nutritionists agree that weaning is a high demand period for young stock, requiring high quality animal health inputs for optimal productivity. We interviewed Dr George Cox, cattle veterinarian and Virbac Technical Services Manager, as well as, Dr Jerry Liu, Nutritionist and Virbac Product Manager to learn more. “Best practice parasite management at a...
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It was the harshest crime to have hit the station ‘s books, Some dirty low-life scum had rustled Mrs Johnston ‘s chooks. The robber bagged the best of them and took the rest for luck , Forty-seven leghorns, fifteen bantams and a duck. The pride of all the district was Mrs Johnston’s flock, From her...
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