A better view of your fence

The Gallagher range of Equine Electric Fencing solutions is designed with both animal safety and ease of use in mind. From the safe and durable Equine Fence Wire for use in permanent electric fences through to our ultra-portable and easy to use Smart Fence, that is ideal for temporary containment of your animals, Gallagher have a permanent or portable electric fencing solution to suit your needs.

A permanent electric horse fence system is suited for long-term horse control and is the most effective way to control horses while maximising pasture efficiency.  It is important to make sure your electric fence system is constructed properly. The effectiveness of your electric horse fence depends on the correct combination of these four factors for your situation:

  • The energizer you select
  • Earthing system
  • Well insulated fence system
  • An adequate lead-out (connection between the energizer and the fence)

Temporary electric horse fencing provides flexibility in pasture management and is ideal for short-term horse control or rotational horse grazing.

The intelligent i Series system – the fence that talks to you

Gallagher i Series Fence Energizer systems allow your fence to talk to you, and to quickly and easily monitor your fence performance, informing you of any problems immediately so you can take action to save time and money. The i Series range can open up the lines of communication between you and your fence.

The Gallagher Ag Devices App gives Peter Hammond a complete view of his electric fence system at the St Peter’s Equestrian Academy. Peter has been using the i-series on St Peter’s Equestrian Academy since 2018 to power up 36 paddocks. The app provides information about fence performance, notifications of fence faults and the ability to turn the fence on and off – all in the palm of your hand.

“The great thing about the I-series is not just the fact that it is a power box, but it comes with the equipment that allows you to monitor and maintain the system. When we knew that Gallagher was releasing an app, we really wanted to have that integrated into our system, we manage a lot of kids and a lot of horses, and we were not always on the premises necessarily when those issues or problems occur”– Peter Hammond

See Peter Hammond’s story at the St Peter’s Equestrian Academy, Hamilton, New Zealand to learn how you can benefit from getting a better view of your fence.

Link: https://youtu.be/PyyoGbdW3rw

David Horne from Warialda NSW said “I’ve got a Gallagher M10,000 i (current version – M12000i) Energizer punching one fence at the moment, an old 50-Joule unit – a Gallagher MR5000 (current version M6000i) Energizer – punching the other, but that’ll get pensioned off as soon as I hook more fence up; I’ve got another M10,000i (M12,000i) at home ready to go.”

“The M10,000i (M12,000i) is beautiful because you can turn it off anywhere. It’s a very good bit of gear. It’s only a matter of looking at the Energizer and you know that it’s ticking along, and everything is good. If I want to, I can get data sent to my phone, so every time I jump in the Ute I can see what’s going on.” He said.

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Gallagher Fencing solutions are available from your local CRT store. For more information, speak with your local Territory Team on 1800 425 524.

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