Choosing the right mineral injection for sheep

Virbac are set to launch their new and exciting Multimin Plus Copper for Sheep in September 2018. It marks a momentous point for Australian sheep producers, as it is the country’s first and only copper injection registered for Sheep. Multimin Plus Copper was formulated exclusively for sheep that require additional copper.

Copper has many functional benefits for sheep. Together with selenium, zinc, and manganese, the body is able to produce two important antioxidants which are involved in protecting the reproductive and immune system.

Optimising these antioxidants during periods of high demand can help improve fertility and immunity.

However, unlike cattle, sheep are more sensitive to copper. For this reason, there are two Multimin formulations for sheep – Multimin Copper Free and Multimin Plus Copper.

Virbac Multimin Sheep

To help guide producers on how to select the product most suitable for their flock, we interview Virbac’s Technical Services Veterinarian and sheep expert, Dr Susan Swaney. “It is important to consider your flock’s mineral status and your property’s individual requirements,” explains Dr Swaney.

“No two properties are identical. Not only do we need to have a good understanding of how much copper the sheep are eating, but some species of sheep are more sensitive to copper toxicity than others. Some plants can also cause liver damage, and reduce the animal’s ability to process copper.”

Dr Swaney recommends, “If you are unsure of your copper status or requirements, consult your veterinarian before using Multimin Plus Copper.

Otherwise, properties with unknown copper status should elect to use Multimin Copper Free to eliminate the possibility of copper toxicity.

From there things get much simpler. Administered at the right time, such as a month before joining and lambing will help with the fertility and health of your flock.”

For more information about which Multimin to use, Virbac offers a free customer hotline on 1800 242 100.

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