Faster, Higher, Stronger

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The dreams of children know no boundaries, imagination is their realm,
Destination undecided they cheer loudly from the helm.
Pushing through uncharted waters, vanquished demons in their wake,
Superheroes of a journey only they can undertake.
But reality looms large, a sober world dismisses fools
But dreamtime’s true disciples don’t bow down to sober rules.
Youthful confidence makes statements, disbelievers draw their swords
But when commitment teams with passion youthful dreams won’t be ignored.
“Faster, Higher, Stronger” is the creed that fuels their soul,
Striving for that invitation that in itself is pure gold.
The lure of standing tall on history’s greatest stage
Consigns sacrifice and heartache to a full stop on a page.
Chase the black line, chase the white line, chase the clock to chase the dream,
Your limit is your target and there’s nothing in between.
It’s a test of who you are, no one else can make that play,
What you’re destined for tomorrow depends on what you do today.
It’s not for adulation nor beating of the chest,
It’s the pride in competition and to simply do your best
But if the Southern Cross starts dancing to Advance Australia Fair
And you’re standing on the dais, it’s a time for all to share.
Don’t fight the tears of raw emotion, open up and let them flow,
Breathe in that special moment that few will ever know,
Sing out loud and pound your heart, a proud member of the team
And don’t let it be forgotten it all started as a dream.

For years Murray Hartin has been making audiences laugh, cry and visualise the spoken word with his unique style of Australian storytelling.

The former Barker College boy grew up in the Northern NSW town of Moree and is a country journalist by trade. Through his extensive travels around Australia, Muz has met a vast and varied collection of remarkable Australians. They are the inspiration for his stories.

His story “Rain From Nowhere”, written in February, 2007, addressing the issue of rural suicide, has touched the hearts of people Australia-wide. It is already being spoken of as one of the most significant pieces of Australian verse in recent memory.

His stories epitomise mate-ship.

Muz will remind you and the family how lucky we are to be Australian.

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