Be prepared, for repair

How many times have you been caught needing to repair a break or a leak either late in the day or on a weekend? That time consuming drive to town for one fitting to complete the repair when you have so many more important things you could be doing.

By being prepared and having a few essentials on hand you’ll save yourself time and possibly precious water. Being prepared doesn’t mean having a whole shop full of fittings in your shed but just a few items of the most commonly used sizes used on your property. To help you out we’ve prepared a shopping list for when you are next heading to town to visit your CRT dealer.

Our list includes a number of Philmac BSP fittings which are super handy in loads of situations, pipe risers, rural saddles and of course one of the new Philmac Quick Tap Kits.

With these items on hand not only can you make that emergency repair but  you can also be proactive and with a coil of Vinidex rural pipe and a star picket you can put a new tap at the end of the veggie garden or near the dog run.

The photos in this article show a typical example of an on farm repair of a leaking galvanised fitting coupled to a PE pipe riser and how even in a tricky situation you can repair a leak. This is just one example of the many problems that can be solved by having a few fittings on hand in your shed.

Replacing old galvanised fitting to repair leak
Not uncommon to see an old galvanised fitting leak so an ideal time to replace it with a poly one. Quite often older Philmac threaded fittings can be re-used. We are going to re-use the bush.
PTFE thread tape on Pipe
Nothing like having PTFE thread tape on hand. Always buy extra, it doesn’t go off! Pink plumber tape will also do the job.
Invaluable reducing fittings - nipples and bushes
Quite often the take-off will be 1”. Given the riser to the wall plate elbow is 1” some reducing fittings like nipples and bushes are invaluable.
Repair finished by perfectly fitting riser on post
Yes we used a few fittings but the riser will sit snuggly on the post and should remain nice and straight this time!

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