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SOLO is a leader in sprayer technology. One of the most important features of a SOLO product is its characteristically high-quality German manufacturing. Yet, SOLO sprayers are not only emblematic of the SOLO brand; they are designed with the spirit of the customer in mind. So, if YOU – the customer – are hardworking and seeking only the best, then you deserve nothing less than a hardworking and tough product, built with a view to durability.

SOLO’s 475 15 Litre Knapsack Sprayer is one of the toughest available. It’s compatible with the home and garden landscape and can also contain sanitisers and deodorants, detergent based degreasers and chlorine.


The 2017/18 model boasts new and improved features, including a large folding carry handle1 with wand retainer, and a Tivilon Diaphragm pump2 intended to withstand aggressive chlorine mixes and abrasive liquids. Robotic testing showed this pump to endure more than 200,000 pumping actions, without failure. VITON® seals are resistant to chemical attack and an optional, fully adjustable body harness is available. The provision of five-year warranty (with full back up) and the accompanying range of parts and accessories are but further hallmarks of SOLO’s goal to deliver a top- performing product.


The SOLO CLEANLine 315A3 is suitable for diesel and aggressive industrial chemicals. Serving as an optimal choice for big areas or long distances, the new model is equipped with high-quality FMK (VITON®) seals to handle acidic fluids, oil and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It also features a chemical-resistant spray nozzle (PVDF). Nurseries, garden aficionados, rural workers and cleaning professionals have been serviced by SOLO sprayers for decades. Now, it’s your turn.

CLAYTON ENGINEERING SOLO’s 475 15 Litre Knapsack Sprayer Handle
CLAYTON ENGINEERING SOLO’s 475 15 Litre Knapsack Sprayer Insides

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