Improving microbial flora

Olsson’s KEG 10 is a breakthrough in supplementing rumen biology.

The supplement is made from a majority of Fermented Base Material (FBM) as opposed to molasses. By maximising rumen efficiency through several actions, KEG 10 allows the animal to achieve maximum natural feed conversion. Improving microbial flora with the addition of prebiotics and probiotics, enzymes, yeast and complex carbohydrates allowing the animal’s rumen to develop and function at maximum efficiency. KEG 10 has achieved very positive results on grasses and perennials that have in past years been left unconsumed by livestock.

Australian black Cows in a pen


“Our property is situated in the Snowy Mountains. Our winters are severe, and improved pastures become dormant. We usually supplement cattle by feeding hay.

We have an abundance of native poa tussock, which is considered more of a weed than feed. It is invasive and has very little nutritional value. It will keep cattle alive if there is nothing else to eat.

Last winter we trialled Olsson’s KEG 10 salt blocks. We were really impressed with the condition of the cattle after winter. They maintained their weight without being fed fodder. They chewed the tussocks back to a height of 300mm. By reducing the poa canopy over winter, the improved grasses seem to have responded faster in spring.

Without a doubt, KEG 10 blocks have increased the nutrition value of an abundant plant that in the past has been considered a weed. We couldn’t be happier with KEG 10 and will be using them again this winter. Thank you Olsson’s.”

Milton & Ben Golby, Ingebyra

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