Make Tridectin the backbone of your drench program

Virbac recently launched Tridectin, a new class of combination drench backed by the power of moxidectin, and developed with micellar technology, for improved efficacy.

Tridectin is designed to provide maximum protection against highly resistant worms. It is the only combination drench in Australia to include moxidectin, the most potent and persistent mectin. Tridectin is the only drench in the world with registered claims against triple resistant and monepantel resistant worms. Terrance Loughlin explains exactly how it works:

“This new drench is unique in being a pre-mixed broad-spectrum combination of moxidectin, albendazole and levamisole. The micellar technology helps to improve the pharmacokinetics of the drench, making it more effective, because it reaches higher concentrations faster and is retained in the sheep for longer.

“Using advanced chemistry, we’ve been able to combine Moxidectin with Levamisole and Albendazole, for improved efficacy.”

Its unique combination provides a more sustainable solution because the product also delivers a higher kill rate, which means fewer worms and eggs, resulting in less pasture contamination and thereby minimising the development of resistance.

Series of Tridectin Sheep Drench products

Tridectin also has a shorter than usual ESI of just 17 days (much shorter than other combination drenches), and it continues working for up to 14 days, providing protection from reinfection for at least 31 days for moxidectin-sensitive strains of barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm.

Terrance also explains that farmers who drench using Tridectin will also reduce the requirement for regular drenching.

“This helps delay the development of resistance, with the end result being healthier, more productive sheep, and increased productivity and profit.”

Tridectin is suitable Australia-wide, for use at any time of the year, and is available in rural merchandise stores across the country.

To learn more about Tridectin, and to arrange for an  animal health professional to develop a sheep drench program specific to your property, visit or visit your local CRT store.

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