Millions of reasons to use HAT-TRICK

Every time you drench your sheep with a triple combination drench like HAT-TRICK, you fight resistance by killing more resistant worms in your sheep. Fewer survivors mean fewer eggs from resistant worms to contaminate your pasture after drenching. This can greatly slow resistance development, clean out your sheep and allow them to focus on production.

The following example shows the effect of drenching a mob of sheep with either a single active drench with 95% efficacy, a dual combo or a triple combo drench (where each ingredient in the combo has 95% efficacy)*:

  • 1,000 adult sheep in a mob have egg counts of 300 eggs per gram prior to treatment
  • After treatment, surviving worms begin to lay eggs and contaminate pasture
  • In the first two weeks following treatment, a mob treated with the single active drench could contaminate the pasture with more than 300 million eggs laid  by surviving resistant worms
  • Contamination from sheep treated with a dual combo would be 20 times lower and 400 times lower after treatment with a triple combo drench

Using HAT-TRICK drench for NSW Haynes Farm & Hardware Coolah Sheep

This simple example demonstrates the power of a triple combination drench like HAT-TRICK to kill more resistant roundworms and prevent contamination of your paddocks with their eggs. Even when your single active drench is working with 95% efficacy, millions of eggs from surviving resistant worms can rapidly contaminate your farm following treatment.

HAT-TRICK contains abamectin in a powerful triple combo with members
of the clear and white drench families.

HAT-TRICK provides the confidence of a triple and the power of abamectin to keep your farm clean and stump resistance.

ANCARE HAT TRICK 20L Sheep drench protection

See product label for full claim details and directions for use. *An effective drench is considered one that reduces egg count by at least 95%. Individual properties will vary in the resistance status of single actives, therefore the magnitude of egg count reduction benefit will vary depending on the efficacy of the actives present in the combination. Based on calculation: 15epg x 1000 sheep x 14 days x 1500g faecal matter/sheep. Resistance status should be determined before using any drench.

Graph showing the contamination of pasture with eggs from resistant worms in two weeks after treatment

HAT-TRICK kills more worms for better productivity in the short term, and fights resistance on your farm for the long term.

For further information on Hat-Trick please contact your local CRT store or Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager.

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