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With a reputation forged by 80 years of electric fencing experience, Speedrite remains the brand that farmers can trust.

Tru-Test Group, the company behind Speedrite, is a world leader in electric fencing and Hayes Fencing Tools, helping ensure animals are contained and pastures are managed for sustainable, profitable results.

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Energizer joules explained

Every electric fencing energizer offers a different energy (Joule) rating; this rating will determine how far the energizer will power an electric fence. When evaluating energizers, be sure to compare them on the same basis. It is best to compare energizers by looking at the Maximum Output Energy (Joules), rather than Maximum Stored Energy (Joules).

What is the difference between stored joules (energy) and output joules (energy)?

Stored Joules relate to the maximum amount of energy (power) stored inside the energizer. Output Joules relate to the maximum amount of energy (power) that can be delivered from your energizer to your fence line.

An energizer stores energy (stored joules) in charge capacitors before it is released onto the fence. When an energizer releases a pulse from the capacitor(s) up to 30% of the stored energy can be lost, no matter the make or model. Stored energy is therefore an inaccurate measure of an energizer’s true capability. To measure the true capability of an energizer it is better to compare on Output Joules, as they are the measurement of the actual energy an energizer can deliver onto the fence in each pulse.

Speedrite energizers are recognised the world over for their extreme reliability, quality and performance. And for good reason, Speedrite energizers include features and technologies that have been developed through decades of experience to ensure they can within even the harshest of Australian conditions. With a range of energizers to suit any property, including their UnigizerTM range, which are all mains/ battery energizer with solar capability, Speedrite is the promise of power in action!

SPEEDRITE SPE 18000i Electric Fence Energiser

For an energizer you can rely on, Speedrite promises to deliver maximum power. To ensure you get the most out of your energizer, you will also need an effective earthing system.

Head to or your local CRT store, or check the next edition of FOCUS magazine for more information on earthing your energizer.

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