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Following six years of development, Virbac has just released Tridectin® to the Australian sheep market. Tridectin is a new class of combination drench, and is a powerful tool in the fight against gastrointestinal sheep parasites.

This is the first and only combination drench in Australia to include the highly potent active moxidectin – the most potent of all the macrocyclic (ML) actives used to protect sheep against worms.

Chemical potency is the key driver for ensuring that a drench remains viable. That’s because the more worms a drench can kill, the longer it takes for a drench to select for resistance.

Tridectin 5L 1L Bundle

This fact – coupled with the growing level of resistance to single active drenches – is why leading parasitologists recommend the use of combination drenches as the most effective treatment against sheep worms.

Tridectin has been formulated with micellar technology, which offers both advanced absorption and improved stability. By advancing drug absorption, Tridectin’s micellar technology makes the drench even more effective – which means that sheep producers can achieve a better kill rate with Tridectin than they would by mixing the same actives themselves. In addition, the improved stability offered by Tridectin’s micellar technology means that the product can be sold as a pre-mixed combination drench.

Tridectin has been tested against a wide range of highly resistant strains of worms. It’s been found to be highly effective in the treatment and control of gastrointestinal parasites – even for those with single, dual or triple resistance to macrocyclic lactones (including abamectin-resistant strains), as well as benzimidazoles, imidazothiazoles (levamisole/morantel) or monepantel resistant worms.

When used as recommended, Tridectin also prevents reinfestation with ML- sensitive strains of both Barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm for 14 days.

Tridectin 10L Sheep Oral Drench Protection

With a very low meat withhold period of 7 days and a convenient ESI of 17 days, Tridectin is suitable for use in any sheep, at any time of the year.

For further information, talk to your local CRT expert or visit au.virbac.com/tridectin.

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