CRT Primary Schools Program

Lending a hand to rural and regional primary schools

Schools play a vital role in our regional communities. That’s why we’ve started the CRT Primary Schools Program to lend a helping hand to rural and regional primary schools’ Parents and Friends Associations (P&F Associations).

Volunteering countless hours, parents and community members are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for students. As a vital part of agricultural communities, we believe an investment in primary schools is an investment in a smart, strong, confident outlook for regional Australia.

The CRT Primary Schools Program will assist the work of these important P&F volunteer organisations and recognise how they contribute to the success of the next generation as they grow and learn.

What are the gifts for primary schools?

We will provide a gift of $2,000 to 25 chosen Parents and Friends Associations (or equivalent).

The P&F Associations (or equivalent) must support a rural or regional primary school in an area within our store footprint.

How should the funds be used?

The gift is intended for projects or activities that are above and beyond government funding and are deemed a requirement for the school.

For example, the gift could be used to contribute to:

For example, the gift could be used to contribute to:

  • New or improved infrastructure
  • Learning resources
  • Sporting equipment
  • Technological improvements or upgrades
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Excursions

Who is eligible for a CRT Primary School Gift?

Active P&F Associations which support a rural or regional primary or area school in a location with a CRT store are eligible to apply to receive a gift.

Check your region to find your local CRT store and discover if you’re eligible.

To apply P&F Associations need to obtain an entry code from their local store and enter it when completing the application form.

To be eligible, P&F Associations must:

  • Be within the footprint of a CRT store
  • have a primary school focus;
  • demonstrate an active role in the primary school community;
  • demonstrate the primary school’s need for the funds and the wide benefit to the primary school community these funds will provide to enrich and enhance the school experience of the students.
  • Not have received a gift in the previous years of the program (including 2022 & 2023). Stores who were unsuccessful in previous years are eligible to apply again.

Applying to receive a gift

Applications for the 2024 round of the program have now closed. The next round will open in March 2025.

When applying for a CRT Primary School gift, you will need to provide some information about your P&F Association and nominated school.

Please prepare the following information for the application form:

  • the name of the school;
  • number of primary school students attending the school;
  • a short description of the P&F Association’s recent work;
  • a short description of what the P&F Association will use the gift for and why this is important to the school;
  • articulate the primary school’s need for the Gift; and
  • the name and contact details of the P&F Association and local CRT independent principal/store manager.

Congratulations to the 2024 winners!

The CRT Primary Schools Program will be returning in 2025.


CRT Primary School Program

The CRT Primary Schools Program (Program) is offered by Combined Rural Traders Limited (ACN 000 838 899) (CRT) of Level 10, 737 Bourke Street, Docklands, Victoria, Australia 3008. The Program is open to all active Parents and Friends Associations and comparable associations, to apply on behalf of a rural or regional primary or area school in a location serviced by a CRT store. For full terms and conditions visit Terms and Conditions.