At CRT we have a vast range of internal and external parasite products from leading suppliers suit your pet needs whether they are small, medium or large. Products in our flea control range include:

  • Shampoo
  • Insecticide spray
  • Spot on treatment
  • Ingestible treatment
  • Flea collars

When your pet gets infested with fleas, they can do more than just irritate skin, they can also transmit diseases to other pets and people. Once fleas enter your home and your pet’s environment, their 4-stage breeding cycle can take hold, making it very difficult to remove them.

Flea infestations on domestic pets can be a continual problem. Flea bites can cause quite severe reactions in both animals and humans alike and can also cause anaemia in heavily infested young and older animals. Generally fleas are much more of a problem during the warmer months of the year, however animals kept inside in a warm environment during winter can still harbour fleas.

Breaking the flea life cycle and preventing these unwanted visitors from infesting your pet and home can be complicated. Our friendly staff will assist you with providing education and recommendation for the product that will best suit your pet and family’s needs, as we know how important your pets are to you. Consult with your local CRT Animal Health representative first to find the best solution for your problem.