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Dr Domenic Dell’Osa, Senior Livestock Agronomist with Bayer Animal Health says “ the latest new sheep backline lousicide based on a novel active has just been released to the Australian market.” Viper is a next generation sheep lousicide containing thiacloprid, a high potency neonicotinoid insecticide that knocks down lice quickly by affecting their nervous system, resulting in insect paralysis and death. Thiacloprid has been shown in laboratory studies to be six times more potent against lice than the widely used imidacloprid.

Viper has 100% efficacy in killing and controlling susceptible body lice (Bovicola ovis) when applied to shorn sheep up to seven days off shears. Viper has four week residual activity for lice* offering the best protection against reinfestation for complete peace of mind. It will continue to kill any lice that hatch from eggs following treatment and protect sheep from reinfestation from stray sheep or other lousy sheep for up to four weeks.

NSW Bathurst Wool Inspection by Sid Newham

“What makes Viper superior to currently available sheep lousicides is its highly potent, next generation chemistry. No other backline sheep lousicide contains thiacloprid” said Dr Dell’Osa.

Viper has 100% rapid knockdown killing lice fast and four weeks residual killing power*. Also Viper has Lano-Lock® technology formulation. “Viper is a high volume product for better coverage of the sheep, better distribution of chemical through the sheeps’ fleece, no harsh chemical odour and convenient clean-up of equipment with water” said Dr Dell’Osa. Viper is easily applied using a Bayer manual or compressed air/gas (Power Doser) applicator.

BAYER VIPER 20L Sheep Pour On Lousicide

Another benefit is that Viper is rainfast under a variety of rainfall conditions.

Finally, there is no known resistance to thiacloprid in strains of sheep lice in Australia and it has been shown to control IGR resistant lice making it an ideal resistance management tool.

“With the availability of Viper, sheep producers now have a more potent weapon against sheep lice” said Dr Dell’Osa.

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*When applied within 24 hours of shearing

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