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TALINOR is a new post emergent cereal selective herbicide from Syngenta which delivers robust and broad spectrum control of hard to kill broadleaf weeds.

TALINOR containing 37.5g/L Bicyclopyrone + 175g/L Bromoxynil combines two herbicide modes of action (Group H & C) for resistance management and robust weed control in wheat and barley.

To get the best results from TALINOR it should be applied to small (2-8 leaf) actively growing weeds. Application prior to tillering crop growth stage (early post emergent) is preferred as TALINOR, being a contact herbicide requires excellent coverage for optimal results.

Uses of Talinor herbicide - Wheat field

At high weed densities and more mature crop growth stages, shading of target weeds may occur which may reduce overall control. Specific application rates and weed growth stages vary by target species and further detail will be available on the product label.

Lachlan Sheridan, Agronomist with BR&C Agents in Swan Hill, Vic, is among the first to trial the results of TALINOR. “We had exceptional control on all weeds.”


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