Fencing Starts with CRT.

If you’re looking for a reliable rural retailer that can help you take care of your fencing needs, then your best bet is CRT.

We carry a wide selection of rural supplies – fencing solutions are just one such example. We have a wide range of high-quality fencing products, accessories and installation equipment for multiple applications including feral and exclusion, electric, commercial, and residential along with livestock, horse and pet.

Some of the products available are:

  • Galvanised wire netting
  • Fencing staples
  • Hinge-joint wire
  • Weldmesh
  • Plain and barbed wire
  • Electric fence energizers
  • Electric tap
  • Chain wire
  • Security fence wire
  • Farm gates
  • Steel star posts
  • Fencing tools and accessories

Please visit or contact one of our CRT stores to find out how CRT can benefit your farming operation.

Disclaimer: Product stock varies between stores and is subject to availability. Please contact your CRT store to confirm their stock list and availability.  Any local information is provided by the CRT store only, and you acknowledge that Combined Rural Traders Pty Limited does not provide such information to you. Local information provided by a store is not, and is not a substitute for tailored advice. Please contact an appropriate advisor if you are seeking tailored advice for your personal circumstances. Combined Rural Traders Pty Limited does not accept any liability arising from the accuracy of any local information provided by a CRT store. You acknowledge and agree that we make no representations with respect to any future matters, including the outcome or performance of your animals.