September 2018


New horse-safe caps

Whites Rural Horse Fence Caps are a newly-designed cap ideally suited for keeping horses safe. Made from UV-resistant polymer, the cap features a special three-slot…

Spring means Pili Time!

With the current seasonal conditions it is all the more important that you prepare early to minimise losses associated with pinkeye infections. Pinkeye is painful…
Cattle Range

Faster, Higher, Stronger

The dreams of children know no boundaries, imagination is their realm, Destination undecided they cheer loudly from the helm. Pushing through uncharted waters, vanquished demons…

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June 2018

Ausure working with farmers

Introduction to Ausure

As part of our commitment to providing a one stop shop solution to our customers, CRT through Ruralco have recently joined forces with Ausure, allowing…

Alpaca – leading the way?

Alpaca numbers in Australia are estimated to be between 170,000 and 450,000, with the higher estimate considerable in view that the sheep flock only numbers…

Welcome to the farm

At Whole Earth Farms™ we believe that simple, wholesome nourishment is the foundation of happy and healthy dogs. We believe that this foundation all starts…

The new broadleaf weed expert

TALINOR is a new post emergent cereal selective herbicide from Syngenta which delivers robust and broad spectrum control of hard to kill broadleaf weeds. TALINOR…

Drone insurance

The ownership of drones also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), has increased greatly over the last couple…

Growing ambitions

Replacement dairy heifers represent one of the greatest opportunities for increased returns on investment within a dairy business. Capturing the benefits associated with healthy, optimally…
US Cattle Cycle vs US and QLD Cattle Price

US cattle cycle outlook

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released its updated long-term projections for key agricultural markets which contained some adjustment to forecast herd growth,…

Improving microbial flora

Olsson’s KEG 10 is a breakthrough in supplementing rumen biology. The supplement is made from a majority of Fermented Base Material (FBM) as opposed to…

Why bother with boosters?

The basis of any vaccination program is to provide long lasting protection against disease. Disease challenges can happen throughout the life of an animal. Vaccines…
Cattle Range

Mrs Johnston’s Chooks

It was the harshest crime to have hit the station ‘s books, Some dirty low-life scum had rustled Mrs Johnston ‘s chooks. The robber bagged…

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March 2018

Cattle Range


His cattle didn’t get a bid, they were fairly bloody poor, What was he going to do? He couldn’t feed them anymore, The dams were…

Balancing the risk

Primary producers spend a great deal of time developing strategies to maintain the viability of their business. Very few businesses are subject to the same…
CRT Logo

Finding the future

When I commenced my role at CRT in February 2017, I had several in-depth conversations with members of the network across NSW regarding the challenges…
NSW Sid Newham Rural Supplies Bathurst Wool Inspection

Pure venom to lice

Dr Domenic Dell’Osa, Senior Livestock Agronomist with Bayer Animal Health says “ the latest new sheep backline lousicide based on a novel active has just…

Power up your next drench

Following six years of development, Virbac has just released Tridectin® to the Australian sheep market. Tridectin is a new class of combination drench, and is…

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