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“Future Farms feeds Barastoc Breed N Grow to all of their breeding mares as a great everyday feed. Our mares do extremely well on the feed and are round, shiny, healthy and in overall great condition. Our horses love the taste, and we don’t have any issue getting new horses to eat it.”

Don’t wait until spring……tailor your mare’s nutrition now for a sound, healthy foal. After 11 months of waiting your new foal is finally ready to arrive. Your mare that has been carefully bred, fed, dewormed, inoculated, and monitored is ready to foal.

Remember that nutrition plays an extremely important role in how your mare and foal develop. Barastoc has a host of resources to help you prepare for your new arrival. Explore now:


Safe gut health for pregnant mares
Use of a research-proven digestive supplement as part of an overall management program can support both foregut and hindgut health. One such supplement is the prebiotic Diamond V XPC. Research proven to support gut health, boosting digestion, and improving immunity – Barastoc Breeding feeds are fortified with Diamond V XPC.
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Barastoc Breed N Grow is a fully balanced breeding feed to support the mares’ nutritional needs. Breed N Grow will ensure the mare receives optimal amounts of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy and sound foal growth.
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Dr Clarissa Brown-Douglas, Kentucky Equine Research

n this video, Dr Clarissa Brown-Douglas talks about the important of tailoring your mare’s nutrition needs during pregnancy to ensure a healthy foal. Getting your mares diet and nutrition correct from the start ensures good development of the foal throughout the pregnancy.
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Barastoc Low Gi Cube Barastoc Low GI Cube is also formulated with Kentucky Equine Research’s Buffered Mineral Complex (BMC), which offers multiple benefits. BMC is a revolutionary new ingredient that is research-proven to improve bone mineral density in weanlings


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