Crop Protection Starts with CRT.

Keeping your crop free from weeds, pests and disease is vital to ensuring success. We have local staff with knowledge of the crops in their local area who can provide you information and product recommendations to help you to protect your crop.

Our local stores can help you to implement your integrated pest management and crop protection plans based on your climate, soil conditions and operation, by providing you with a range of crop protection products*.

We have an extensive range of crop protection products to suit your business needs:


Our stores can help recommend a fungicide to protect against and combat disease in your local climatic conditions, based on their knowledge of general local buying practices and product range. With a huge range of products with different actives and methods of action, whether you are after contact or systemic fungicides, our stores are here to supply you with the products to help you to implement your plan of attack for your operation.

Managing a disease burden?
Carefully identifying the disease in question before treatment will make it more likely that an effective outcome is achieved. Before using a fungicide to manage disease, your local CRT store can help to provide you with local information so that you can choose the most suitable and cost-effective option for your situation*.


Stop pests in their tracks and help to protect your crop’s potential. Our staff are locals too and understand the common pest burdens in their area. Your local store can provide you with local information on common applications, timings, costs and actives for your crop based on local buying practices.

Our stores have a range of scientifically formulated chemicals which aim to destroy and disrupt insects during developmental stages to prevent and kill off infestation. 


Stop weeds from stealing nutrition and real estate from your crop, and detrimentally impacting your yield potential. Selecting the right herbicide for your crop, to ensure its efficacy and to minimise harm to the crop is often an important part of any crop management plan. Our stores can help by providing you with a range of herbicides so that you are able to choose the right active and type of herbicide for your crop.

Our stores stock a large variety of herbicides to suit the needs of growers including selective, non-selective, residual, non-residual, and translocated herbicides. Your knowledgeable local team can help to provide you with local information so that you can choose the right product for your crop, lawn, or garden.


Planning for this year’s cropping season?

Whether you’re a winter crop, summer crop, fruit or vegetable grower your local store can help you to implement your pest management plan by providing you with a range of products which may help to increase the productivity and yield of your crop*.

Please visit or contact one of our CRT stores to find out how CRT can benefit your farming operation.

Disclaimer: *Product stock varies between stores and is subject to availability. Please contact your CRT store to confirm their stock list and availability.  Any local information is provided by the CRT store only, and you acknowledge that Combined Rural Traders Pty Limited does not provide such information to you. Local information provided by a store is not, and is not a substitute for tailored advice. Please contact an appropriate advisor if you are seeking tailored advice for your personal circumstances. Combined Rural Traders Pty Limited does not accept any liability arising from the accuracy of any local information provided by a CRT store. You acknowledge and agree that we make no representations with respect to any future matters, including the outcome or performance of your crops.