Get your weaners’ performance ready with the perfect program

Veterinarians and nutritionists agree that weaning is a high demand period for young stock, requiring high quality animal health inputs for optimal productivity.

We interviewed Dr George Cox, cattle veterinarian and Virbac Technical Services Manager, as well as, Dr Jerry Liu, Nutritionist and Virbac Product Manager to learn more.

Weaner Cows in Paddock

“Best practice parasite management at a young age is proven to have tremendous effects on the growth of beef cattle,” stated Dr Cox.

He went on to reference an independent study which compared the use of a single dose of Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Cattle, to repeated doses of short acting drenches. “The research showed that Cydectin Long Acting achieved 22kg extra live weight, on average, after 12 months. It’s quite clear that a long acting potent drench is capable of delivering significant weaner weight gain benefits to cattle producers.”

From a nutritional point of view, Dr Liu stated, “a rapidly absorbed injection of key trace minerals at weaning also has powerful effects on the immune system. The immune system is made up of three components, all of which are highly dependent on four key trace minerals. Several studies have repeatedly proven that Multimin Injection for Cattle is able to improve markers of immune function. Practically speaking, this means fewer incidents of disease, healthier cattle, and ultimately more profitable cattle.”

Vibrac Multimin Injections for Cattle

Doctors Cox and Liu both agree that Cydectin Long Acting and Multimin for Cattle at weaning are the perfect complementary animal health program for young cattle. “When given with appropriate vaccines, Multimin and Cydectin Long Acting have helped countless cattle farmers across Australia achieve outstanding results,” concluded Dr Cox.

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