Queensland legislation changes to vegetation management laws

Are you concerned about Queensland’s harsh new vegetation management laws?

AgForce General President Grant Maudsley said “These laws will put more restrictions on how farmers manage their land to produce food, shut down new agricultural development and lead to perverse environmental outcomes that could damage rather than improve regional landscapes”.

Some of the proposed changes to vegetation management laws include:

  • Scrapping the process for high-value agriculture and irrigated high-value agriculture development applications;
  • Including any vegetation that hasn’t been managed for 15 years in the definition of high value regrowth; and
  • Replacing self-assessable vegetation management codes with the need to gain approval under an accepted development code.
Queensland Vegetation - Grassland field
Queensland’s new vegetation laws may affect you

How might the new restrictions affect your property?

The FMC GraslanTM Herbicide vegetation mapping consultants are available to help you understand the changes, comply with the new vegetation management laws and provide solutions to cost-effectively control regrowth.

Our mapping layers, technology and years of experience will guide you to understand which vegetation and areas you can manage.

Aerial GraslanTM Herbicide controls brigalow regrowth, tea tree regrowth, mimosa pigra and other registered woody weeds on grazing lands.

Graziers interested in aerial application contracts can contact a GraslanTM Herbicide vegetation mapping consultant directly:

FMC Graslan Herbicide

Plan your regrowth control now by combining FMC GraslanTM Herbicide with the effectiveness of a vegetation mapping consultant to make your paddocks more productive.

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