High-tech security camera essential to protect your property

Thefts, vandalism of rural, remote and urban properties results in the loss of significant value as well as creating disruption and great distress for property owners.

Silvan Australia is helping property owners to counter these types of losses with the latest Selecta high-tech 3G wide angle motion activated security camera that both transmits, records and stores vital images of unwelcome visitors by 3G network as they are taken during activity.

Designed to be positioned secretly or in an unexposed location to take advantage of its broad angle lens giving a 100-degree field of view it can be programmed to send daily reports and photos to two designated mobile numbers or email addresses.

Compact and unobtrusive in appearance and supplied with a mounting strap or optional fixing bracket, the 3G Selecta wide angle camera records information both day and night, the latter up to 30 metre range of view and all activity is recorded to a 3G micro memory card.

Selecta 3G Hero Wide Angle Motion Activated Security Camera

An optional SD card has a capacity for 5,600 images to be stored, the camera will update daily the number of photos or pictures taken, temperature, memory available and percentage of battery charge available. Operates off four or eight AA batteries with a small solar panel powered option available that reduces the need for batteries, the casing is IP54 rated, dust proofed for outdoor use.

The new 3G Selecta Wide Angle Motion Activated Security Camera, is an inexpensive defence against losses through theft, a recommended attachment for many types of farm, lifestyle or business premises.

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