A proud rural fencing manufacturer in regional Australia

Australian family-owned and operated, Whites, took a great leap forward when they joined forces with Frauenfelder back in 2014.

The partnership brought together over 100 years of rural fencing experience, combining Whites’ national sales and distribution network with Frauenfelder’s manufacturing expertise.

And there’s been no looking back ever since, with growth in manufacturing, employment and the size of Frauenfelder’s premises in just a few short years.

“Frauenfelder is the only regional manufacturer of farm fencing wire in regional Australia” says John Schmidt, Director of the family-owned Frauenfelder business.

“We’re very proud to be a regional manufacturer. We have 30 employees working full-time and that’s also something that we’re really proud of,” adds Matthew Boniface, Managing Director.

As such, they are a rarity of rural fencing manufacturer in regional Australia not only because of location but also because of their scale.

Frauenfelder manufactures gates, barbed wire, fence wire and, of course, Stiff Stay fixed knot fabricated fencing to the high standard that their local production provides.

John Schmidt and Matthew Boniface feature strongly in a new video, sharing their views on Australian agriculture, local production and what drives them in their family-owned and operated manufacturing business.


A $20,000 write-off for every part of your fence

The federal government has retained its popular $20,000 tax deduction for farm fencing recognising how critical this infrastructure is to business success.

“Good fencing is an essential part of farm operation. It allows farmers to optimise their operations by keeping out feral pests, protecting livestock or crops, helping with biosecurity management and keeping property up to a saleable standard”, said Matthew Stinson, National Sales Manager, Whites Rural.

The tax break means farmers can claim fence investment costs again this year instead of scheduling depreciation over 30 years, making it easier for farmers to keep their fencing in good condition or add new fencing.

In fact, businesses with an annual turnover of up $10 million will have until June 30 2018, to immediately deduct any eligible assets up to the value of $20,000.

“At Whites Rural we are committed to making quality fencing affordable for Australian farmers. We’re pleased to see the continuation of the tax breaks which will go a long way to helping”, Mr Stinson added.

Australian Farmer walking by a fence

… and a $200 cash back

Whites Rural have their own end of year bonus for farmers and fencing contractors – a $200 cash back when you purchase from a wide selection of their fencing products.

The range includes their well-respected Stockpost fence post range, Stiff Stay fabricated fencing, fence wire, barbed wire, N-Stay gates and Stock-ade power stapling.

Available for purchases from your local CRT store until July 16th 2018.

See the terms and conditions and a full listing of eligible products at www.whitesrural.com.au/200cashback.

Whites Rural has the range for every part of your fence.

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